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A Journey of Excellence.

A Gift of Discovery.

A Community for Learning


To Our Students

When Serendipity School opened its doors to children in 1994, the school made an ardent promise to its students:

With care, we will promote each student’s academic, social, emotional, and cognitive development in positive ways designed to further individual learning, creativity, and curiosity. Our outstanding academic program will provide a well-rounded curriculum that evokes each student’s participation, interest, enthusiasm, and ideas. Students at Serendipity School will be free to express their ideas and follow their dreams without subjective or artificial restrictions. Each child will experience the wonders of learning at his or her individual level and pace. (Serendipity School, May 1994)

Over twenty years later, Serendipity School remains committed to that promise, and will continue to be a place where students will be encouraged to be themselves, engaged in joyful discovery-centred learning experiences, and empowered to learn and grow into the best version of themselves.

To Our Families and Community

Serendipity School’s Elementary School is a strong community of students, parents, and educators. Serendipity prides itself on providing an atmosphere of respect, friendship, diversity, equity, communication, and cooperation in which every member of the community is valued, informed, and involved in the educational process.

We hold families in the highest regard and recognize the essential part they play in each student’s educational experience. We recognize that parents must be confident that their children are receiving exceptional education, care, and security, and therefore encourage them to communicate their ideas to us and to participate in our program whenever possible.

We pledge to operate an open school in which parents play an integral part, where the role of each individual within the community is recognized and prized, and in which no question or problem is deemed too insignificant for our attention. Each member of our school community will be treated with respect, compassion, and dignity and will be expected to share in that commitment.

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