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Serendipity: n. the gift of discovering valuable or pleasant things that are not anticipated

Serendipity School

A setting for unexpected and exciting learning experiences that are sparked by discovery, guided by individuality, and supported by community.

What will you discover when you visit Serendipity?

Step into a Fourth Grade classroom; cheers erupt and high fives fly as young mathematicians, having just cracked an Algebraic concept, celebrate their “Aha!” moment. Then peek into a Preschool classroom where a jubilant 4-year-old eagerly sorts objects to show “two plus one more is three.” Discover First Graders acting as surgeons as they make careful incisions in pronouns and verbs before stitching together contractions, and on the other end of campus, encounter Fifth Graders using actual surgical tools to dissect and diagram a squid specimen. Hear laughter traveling from the vegetable garden where Second and Third Graders harvest fresh vegetables to make a salad, and feel the sense of wonder that spreads across Kindergarteners as a butterfly slowly beats its newly opened wings.

Serendipity School is a unique and special place; this difference will be felt as you first step within our gates. While every day is different at Serendipity, you are sure to discover something unexpected during your visit; we hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

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