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Serving Kindergarten through Grade 5

We believe that parents shouldn’t have to choose between a happy child and a well-educated child. At Serendipity, children love coming to school, feel that they are an important part of a community, and experience deep learning through active, joyful discovery. At our little school, we offer a natural setting where children are treated as unique individuals, ensuring that they realize their fullest potentials and are prepared for future success and happiness in an ever-changing world.

Our world-class teachers are knowledgeable, creative, and innovative educators who are equally expert at providing dynamic, engaging, and differentiated learning experiences and at educating the whole child. Our teachers take the time to really get to know students (even those they don’t currently teach), so that every child at Serendipity School feels seen, respected, and celebrated. Serendipity School teachers are encouraged to take an organic approach to the curriculum and to share their unique talents and passion for learning new things, just as our students do.

Serendipity School classrooms are filled with warm natural light, breezes from the outdoors, beautiful displays of student work and projects; and numerous tools, games, and resources for learning and discovery. We utilize an open classroom model that reinforces community and fuels creativity, collaboration, ingenuity, and individual achievement.

Our classrooms are beautiful, but nature is the true star of our 2.5 acre campus. Classrooms open to the outdoors, where unique spaces for outdoor learning, exploration, and play await. The tree-lined playground offers ample space for running, climbing, sand play, ball play, jumping rope, and hula hooping. Students learn in the outdoor classroom, tend the greenhouse and gardens, enjoy healthy fruits and vegetables from both the gardens and various fruit trees, and bring science to life through the observation of nature. Children build forts and treehouses in the Hideout, dig at the Excavation Station, explore the nature trails, play and read in the meadow, and relax in the shade of beautiful pines, firs, oaks, and towering redwoods.

Serendipity School’s core values of Individuality, Discovery, and Community are alive in everything we do at the Elementary School. We know that your child is not like anyone else, and neither are we.  At Serendipity Elementary School, we provide an encouraging, engaging, and empowering learning experience and a school community where children are encouraged to be and challenge themselves today, so that they might be anything in the future.


Elementary School Testimonials

“Serendipity finds the little thing that makes each child unique and expounds upon that. It creates children who are confident, self-aware, and ready to face the world.”
Serendipity School Parent

See What Serendipity School Students Are Saying About Their School

“Serendipity has always been my home. It has so many caring friends. Everyone gets along, and no one fights. The teachers are some of the most amazing people on earth. We learn so many different things ‘cause of them.”
3rd Grader

“I love Serendipity because of my friends.”

“I like Serendipity because I love the projects and the teachers.”
1st Grader

“Every day I walk into Serendipity, I feel a warm welcoming. Ever since Kindergarten, I have had loyal friendships. I went to Serendipity preschool and now I go to Serendipity Elementary School. I love the teachers at Serendipity.”
3rd Grader

“I love this school because all the teachers care for us. They do wonderful classes with good science labs: example—the streak test. The teachers really like the kids.”
4th Grader

“I love Serendipity School because people are never mean and you learn a lot. Teachers are creative and loving and do things to show you how you are doing in class. They always celebrate birthdays and do cool things. Kids have fun, and learn, and play.”
3rd Grader

“Serendipity is a school where minds and hearts are filled, just like they say in the song. I like Serendipity because every teacher respects me and every child is fun to play with.”
4th Grader

“I love Serendipity because the teachers support me.”
1st Grader

“Three reasons why I like Serendipity:
Number one is because all of the teachers are nice. Number two: all of the students are respectful. And finally number three, because of the love the school gives to me and my sisters. I love Serendipity!!!”
3rd Grader

“I like Serendipity because I learn a lot. I have a lot of fun experiences.”
2nd Grader

Here’s What Serendipity School Parents Are Saying

“My daughter started here in the 3rd grade after we moved to the area. She is now graduating as a 5th grader on to Middle School. I cannot say enough good things about this sweet little school. It is such a gem! The teachers and staff are wonderful and very supportive. I also feel that this school does a great job in academics in preparing students for Middle School. They also have a lot of fun activities after school that my daughter loves to attend. My daughter has built her own go-cart and skateboard from scratch, played basketball, and loves archery! I have also always felt that if I’ve ever needed to address a concern, the administration has always been very receptive. I would recommend Serendipity as a wonderful, safe, and caring school for a child to blossom into their full potential.”

“We love Serendipity! My son is just finishing up his Kindergarten year and is already looking forward to the start of next year. This year he has developed a love of learning, confidence in his abilities, and many great friends. His teachers make sure he is supported, challenged, and engaged throughout the day. He leaves school each day with news to share about what he learned in Spanish, the paintings he made in Art, games he played in P.E., skills he learned in Technology, and singing songs from Music class. I have worked at Serendipity for the past 8 years and feel lucky that my son is enjoying his time there as much as I am. As a teacher and a mom, I thing I appreciate the most at Serendipity are the smiles on the children’s faces every morning at drop-off. They are truly happy to come to school.”

“Serendipity Elementary School is a rare find in the plethora of private schools out there to choose from. Our son was nurtured socially and challenged academically and his individuality was cherished and affirmed. He was exceptionally prepared for middle school and is currently in all the honors programs, as well as the music and sports programs. Our younger daughter loves her teachers and friends and says that she likes how everyone is kind and loving towards each other at Serendipity. The staff and administration truly care about each child and foster the warmth of community both with the children and parents alike. The parent community is very caring and welcoming. If you want your child to learn in an environment that embraces diversity and values emotional intelligence while also preparing students for high academic standards, this is the place for you. We constantly get compliments on our children’s empathy and kindness as well as their academic performance. Serendipity does not mold its students into one sort of learner funneled into a single dimensional thinker. It gives children the ability to take risks to be who they truly are meant to be and thus blesses the world with diverse thinkers and resourceful, lifelong learners.”

“The School follows the acronym CLEAR with the R standing for Respectful Community Members. Small class sizes make it easier for the teachers to nip potential problems in the bud. The school encourages the students to explore issues relating to honesty, integrity and fairness in an open and collaborative way.”

“The school has a casual but effective atmosphere that fosters friendship, learning and enjoyment. The school encourages creativity from the students which is great for their confidence and for maintaining a joy for the learning process. The school works hard to connect with parents and responds well even to criticism. We highly recommend the school. The school is gem on the ascendancy.”

“We are delighted with Serendipity School! My daughter is 2/3 of the way through her kindergarten year and I cannot believe the personal and intellectual growth she has gone through! Everyone at the school gives off such a feeling of truly caring about each and every child that it brings the whole experience up to a new level.”

“Our son is completing his first year at Serendipity (kindergarten) and we couldn’t be happier with the education being provided. He has always loved to learn and I know his interests will only grow here!”

“We could not be happier with Serendipity school. A perfect balance of warmth, kindness, fun, a challenging curriculum and the expectation of being a good world citizen. Differentiated learning. Great field trips. Our daughter is in 4th grade and absolutely LOVES going to school everyday!!!”

“My eldest graduated from Serendipity and she had a very positive experience. The teachers provided differentiated instruction and a very well rounded curriculum. The small class size was perfect for learning and the staff is so warm and welcoming. My youngest is still attending and he really enjoys school.”

“This school has been a wonderful choice for my two children. I wish we had found it sooner! The caring community is wonderful and they are thriving both socially and academically.”

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