Welcome to the Serendipity School community.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Serendipity School. At Serendipity School we believe that students should thrive academically, but should also be nurtured socially and emotionally. Serendipity students develop their minds, hearts, and bodies in a supportive environment that encourages inquiry, stimulates curiosity, and embraces creativitiy.

A true love of learning is developed at Serendipity School. Our challenging, differentiated curriculum encourages students to take risks and be the very best they can be. Our enriched academics are balanced with exceptional Co-Curricular Programs. Our students experience Enhanced Art, Music, Spanish, Mandarin, Life Skills, Physical Education, and Technology. Our dynamic curriculum challenges and engages students and provides them with confidence, as well as a true passion for learning.

Our teachers at Serendipity School are dedicated, talented professionals who truly love to teach. Differentiated instruction is utilized, which enables our faculty to meet the individual needs and learning styles. Close bonds are formed between students and teachers, and our school community is dynamic, inclusive, and caring.

Serendipity students acquire confidence, a well-developed sense of self, a hearty lust for life and learning, as well as a high degree of preparedness for the next educational setting. Serendipity students explore, take risks, and dream. They embrace differences, celebrate diversity, and eagerly examine and analyze our “global” world. They ask endless questions, design experiments, and create masterpieces.

Exceptional education, human kindness, and true learning occur when the primary focus is on the whole child. When you step foot on our campus at Serendipity School you will see where our passion, enthusiasm, and inspiration come from.

Very truly yours,

Meaghan A. Carr
Head of School

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