Serendipity Elementary

Serendipity: n. the gift of discovering valuable or pleasant things that are not anticipated

Congratulations on discovering Serendipity School!

We know our school is different; Discovery, Individuality, Community: these matter deeply to us, just as much as offering a challenging and engaging curriculum and a diverse educational experience. We want our students to feel that they matter, that learning is an ongoing adventure, and that they are an important part of something larger than themselves. What matters to you? What do you want for your child?

You, as dedicated parents, are now beginning your search for the best academic environment for your child, armed with the knowledge that finding the right elementary school will help to set your child on a learning path that will lead to a lifetime of confident inquiry and joyful exploration, as well as personal growth and success. You may have set ideas about what the ideal school should look like or be, you may have some loose ideas about what you are looking for, or you may be completely unsure. Whichever camp in which you find yourself, we encourage you to ask, “What if?”–to be open to the unexpected.

Serendipity School is a unique and special place; this difference will be felt as you first step within our gates. Perhaps our campus, tucked amongst three wooded acres, with its gardens, nature trails and forts, and secluded outdoor classroom, will surprise you. You may be taken aback by a class of Third Grade “pioneers” sewing buttons and fetching pails of water, a fearless Fifth Grader performing a fictional narrative as Clara Barton, a group of Fourth Grade mathematicians using pictures and tools as they challenge one another to come up with alternate approaches to tackling a complex equation, a First Grade Engineer of the Week teaching the class about the chemistry of making maple syrup, or a group of eager Kindergarteners working together to build a model of their community out of construction paper. Perhaps you will be struck by seeing a Third Grader helping a Kindergartener to tie her shoe, by a Second Grader’s excellent manners, by the confidence of a Fourth Grader, or the energy, creativity, care, and compassion demonstrated by each and every one of our amazing teachers and staff members. While every day is different at Serendipity, you are sure to discover something unexpected during your visit; we hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

We encourage you to schedule your tour of Serendipity School, and look forward to assisting you as you discover your family’s educational options. We wish you the best of luck in your school search, and hope to have the privilege of working with your family.

All best wishes,

Mandy Rizvi

Director of Admissions

Serendipity School is committed to developing an atmosphere of inclusion and nurtures a diverse community of students, faculty, and parents created irrespective of race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, and familial identity.

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