Co-Curricular Programs
As part of Serendipity School’s educational experience of a balanced education, the school offers many Co-Curricular Programs. These Programs include Enhanced Art, Music, Drama, Structured Physical Education, Mandarin, Spanish, Technology Life Skills and Library.

Enhanced Art
Serendipity School’s Art Program is based on creative problem solving, art appreciation, and the creation of artwork in a supportive environment which encourages experimentation, self-expression, risk taking, and creativity.

As artists in the program progress throughout the year they will learn and explore fundamental art skills and concepts which include:

Integration of the emotional and intellectual learning process
Development of an awareness and sensitivity to works of art
Practice with the elements of principles of art
Familiarity of various artists and their works of art
Experience with materials and techniques
Encouragement of individual interpretations and applications
Strengthening of concentration, drawing, and listening skills
Enhancement of fine motor control and hand-eye coordination
Building self-esteem through lessons which encourage the strengths and imaginations of students

All lessons stress the process of creation as compared to the product, which further deepens the thought process and supports creative problem solving. Serendipity artists will work on short activities designed to strengthen their realistic drawing skills, as well as longer projects that will incorporate art history, criticism, and aesthetics to support the studio experience.

Serendipity School’s Music Education Program incorporates creativity and musical exploration, and it exposes students to the value and versatility of music in our world. Our approach is characterized by active involvement in music-making through the body, voice, and through the use of various instruments. It recognizes the many doors through which a child can enter the musical world and provides opportunities for oral, visual, and kinesthetic learners to feel successful in music.

Kindergarten through 2nd grade students are exposed to rhythm, rhythm memory, and rhythm patterns through echo exercises and diverse songs and dances. Students learn music vocabulary, notes and symbols, and study various classical composers. Rhythm and movement are emphasized through the exposure to and playing of various percussion instruments. It is in these early years that we begin to look at music in relation to its components and emotional intent.

3rd through 5th grade students are exposed to music theory and explore melodies and harmonies of various complex songs. Classical composers are discussed and cultural music from around the world is explored. International instruments are studied and students learn about their application in song. The recorder is introduced in 3rd grade, and 4th and 5th grade students practice ensemble work through duets and advanced recorder playing. Personal song creations and instrument making with recycled materials is pursued in 5th grade.

All music classes make connections between music and other areas of study. Students begin to understand that there are direct correlations between music and art, poetry, language, and technology. Performance etiquette is also a large focus in all music classes.

Where our Music Program truly excels is in promoting self-esteem, building confidence, stimulating creativity, and developing music skills — important and valuable tools that will support the overall development of the whole child.

Serendipity School’s Drama Program is a wonderful exposure to the world of dramatic arts. Each child is met at his or her comfort and skill levels and is gently encouraged to pursue greater and more challenging feats. Serendipity students become proficient public speakers and communicators. Confidence and self-esteem play major roles in the Drama Program and develop considerably and grow over time.

Drama students explore improvisation and movement through skits, games, and various exercises. The art of improvisation assists students with making quick yet wise decisions as well as “thinking on their feet.”

All classes practice and perform small plays and musicals on subjects relevant to the curriculum. Students also prepare for school-wide performances and events.

Our Drama Program provides students with confidence, theatrical creativity, and positive self-worth. Through creative expression, school performances, and exciting drama activities, students expand their artistic horizons and develop into confident and prepared individuals. As Shakespeare so aptly wrote, “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” (from As You Like It)

Physical Education
Serendipity School’s Physical Education Program establishes an atmosphere where students can experience success, acceptance, security, understanding, and self-respect. Students will experience many movement activities, utilize movements in a variety of situations, and learn that physical activity provides an opportunity for enjoyment, challenge, and self-expression. Students will demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior as well as understand the importance of respect for all others.

Students in the Physical Education Program will participate in various traditional sports including Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball/Softball, and Track & Field. They will also engage in activities that can be considered alternative sports or non-traditional games. These activities include Frisbee Games, Dance, Badminton, and Tumbling. Students begin each school year with Training Camp where they learn the rules and participate in several challenges designed to enhance communication and team building skills.

Imagination and fantasy play a major role in our Physical Education Program. Allowing young students to use their imagination during a game is a fantastic way for them to learn physical skills.

Our Physical Education Program provides students with a basic understanding of all the fitness and health principles that accompany physical activity/performance, as well as a lifetime love of physical activity, health and wellness.

Serendipity’s Mandarin Program exposes students to the Mandarin language and culture in an enjoyable and educational manner. The students read, sing, cook, dance, play games, write, and participate in many other exciting activities.

The global awareness gained from learning a foreign language will last a lifetime. Through learning Mandarin and exploring the many cultures and customs of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries, the students will start to understand that there are many similarities and differences between Asian and American cultures. They will compare and contrast the Asian culture to other cultures. Students will gain awareness and an appreciation of cultural differences, and will be given tools to become well-rounded world citizens of the future.

Serendipity’s Spanish program exposes students to the Spanish language and culture in an enjoyable and educational manner. The students read, sing, cook, dance, play games, write, and participate in many other exciting activities.

Students will develop, gain fluency and communicate in the target language using the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The students will learn through a variety of methodologies such as visual, auditory, and TPR (Totally Physical Response), which is how they learn and remember ACTION words — they will act the words out.

Through learning Spanish and exploring the different Latin-American and Spanish cultures and customs, the students will begin to understand that there are many similarities and differences between cultures from around the world. Students will gain awareness and an appreciation of cultural differences, and will be given tools to become well-rounded world citizens in the future.

Serendipity School’s Technology Program incorporates progressive technology curriculum, research and computer based skills, and cross-curricular learning. Our wireless Apple MacBook computers are used in all grades and the technology curriculum supplements our core educational programs. Our enriched technology lessons range from the basic handling and usage of the laptops/computers to web design and multimedia presentations. A true strength of our Technology Program is that our core curriculum is integrated into our technology lessons. For example, a student may read a poem using Apple’s iMovie while having created a piece of music using GarageBand that would play in the background. We strongly believe in personal interaction with regard to education; however, we understand the value and importance of technology and feel that the exposure is essential. Serendipity School’s Technology Program is not just instruction — it’s integration and innovation.

Life Skills
Serendipity School’s Life Skills Program teaches character education and promotes character-building skills that the children will be able to take with them and use throughout life. Life Skills nurtures the whole child socially and emotionally, and helps the students to adopt qualities that will enable them to become better human beings. The activities and discussions will help to build a sense of community in the classroom and in school, and they will reinforce the importance of positive values for school and everyday life.

Our Life Skills Program is extremely important and is a key ingredient of the development of the whole child. This Program provides our students with important tools that they will use now and in the future.

Serendipity’s Library supports children’s independent reading, classroom learning and student research. Our goal is to prepare students to become lifelong learners who are confident users of information and who love reading for pleasure.

The Serendipitiy Library introduces students to a wide array of fiction and non-fiction selections. Our collection includes Newberry and Caldecott award winners, reference materials, picture books and easy readers, and classic and contemporary series.

Minds and imaginations are inspired in our school Library and students develop into passionate and enthusiastic readers.

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