Serendipity Preschool

Serendipity Preschool is a warm and wonderful early learning environment that celebrates both the child and the magic of childhood. Children are encouraged to explore and discover, question and experiment, and express their creativity and unique selves as they grow and learn with confidence, supported by our talented teaching staff that is as equally skilled and knowledgeable as kind and caring. We offer a balanced, developmentally-appropriate curriculum that supports both academic growth and the development of the whole and happy child. Our classroom spaces are designed to spark curiosity and engagement, and our lush outdoor spaces offer ample space to run, climb, play, and experience nature and the outdoors.

The best way to get to know Serendipity Preschool is to experience it for yourself. School tours are offered, by appointment, Monday through Thursday, at 9:30 a.m. To schedule a tour, please call or email our San Mateo preschool campus.

(650) 574-7400.

5 Steps: from Application to Admission

  1. Call or email to inquire
  2. Take a tour of our school to discover all of the things that make it one of a kind
  3. Submit a completed application along with a $250.00 registration fee
  4. Serendipity School will respond with an acceptance or wait list letter, depending on the fullness of our program.
  5. Submit a completed Admission Agreement, along with a last month’s deposit. We begin a new school year every July, when our existing students move to new classrooms and new students begin.

For information concerning enrollment in our Kindergarten and Elementary Program at our Belmont campus please contact our Elementary Campus by phone or email.

(650) 596-9100


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