Our Core Curriculum
Serendipity’s year-round, full day curriculum warmly promotes the natural development of children. Our enriched programs, coupled with low child-teacher ratios and small class sizes allow our children to experience a child-centered, hands-on learning environment. Our curriculum includes enhanced Language Arts, Math, Science, Spanish, Practical Life, Art, Music, and Motor Development. Our preschool program includes well-planned field trips and on-site special events and demonstrations. All aspects of the program take place in a relaxed, nurturing atmosphere. The wonders of learning are conducted in a positive, caring manner in which self-esteem takes precedence. We encourage our children whenever possible to learn to make their own decisions and to solve problems with guidance when necessary or desirable.

Our teachers prepare classroom lesson plans with monthly themes, allowing parents to follow along and be a part of the daily educational activities of their children. Our daily schedules and curriculum calendars are planned, yet flexible; our capable, caring teachers follow cues provided by the children for directed learning which may alter the planned course.

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