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The Light of Diversity

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.                                        –    Chinese Proverb The days are short, the nights are cold and dark, but everywhere you look, lights are twinkling. For thousands of years, cultures from every corner of the globe have brightened the shortest and darkest days of the year by incorporating celebrations […]

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Slow Down. Children at Play–Why “Child’s Play” Matters

We’ve all heard the old expression: such and such was “mere child’s play” compared to such and such. The implication is that child’s play is insignificant, inconsequential, easily dismissed. But child’s play is anything but insignificant. When children play, they become better communicators, better problem solvers, and better friends. Play also gives children the opportunity […]

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Cornucopia: Sharing Our Horns of Plenty

The Kindergarten class recently learned about cornucopias, those iconic symbols of the Thanksgiving holiday, and wrote about what they are thankful for. It was so touching to witness our youngest students taking a moment for self-reflection and expressions of gratitude. Each Kindergartener also created a beautiful paper cornucopia overflowing with fruits and vegetables. The word “cornucopia” comes to us from the Greeks […]

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Kids Care–Nurturing Empathy in Children

I will never forget Daniel’s face that day. His wide eyes and earnest expression. The flush in his cheeks and freckled nose from running all the way to the office. His singular determination and belief that he was about to change the world. I will never forget the sound of eighteen dollars and forty three […]

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Helping Kids Grow Their Mindsets

      Serendipity School’s September Growth Mindset Motto: “EVERYONE CAN LEARN” Childhood is about constant change. Every second, every minute, children are growing and changing: in stature, in knowledge, and in personal and interpersonal skills and abilities. Ironically, and seemingly in spite of this, children crave stability; they often find it difficult to understand […]

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  Donate School Supplies to the Samaritan House Back to School Drive Dear Serendipity School families, friends, and neighbors, Serendipity Preschool and Elementary School invite you to join our 2nd annual Back to School Supply Drive, in partnership with Samaritan House of San Mateo. Every fall, many school-aged children in our own neighborhoods head back […]

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3rd Grade Pioneer Day

Third Graders have been studying the human history of California, including indigenous peoples, European explorers, and waves of pioneers who flocked to the west coast of the United States in search of freedom from religious persecution, adventure and fame, Manifest Destiny, and the promise of wealth and prosperity. Students’ recent explorations of the “Pioneer Life” […]

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Young Engineers Day: Thursday, April 13th

Dear Serendipity Families, It’s back! This year’s Young Engineers Day Challenge is the Egg Drop. Students will compete to engineer, build, and test contraptions capable of carrying precious cargo (whole, raw eggs) safely to the ground from the school roof. This year, however, the build will be done entirely at school. While no work will be […]

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Thank You for Sharing the Joy of Reading

There’s nothing like a good book! Serendipity School enjoyed a wonderful Celebrate Reading Week during the first week of March. Our school community read over 40,000 pages, in every genre! During this time, we also kicked off a book drive to benefit the Children’s Book Project of San Francisco. Thanks to generous donations from our […]

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A Note From The President

Dear Serendipity Community, Hello, my name is Jaden, and I am your student body president. I have been proud to be your president this year and also been proud of what we, your Student Council officers, have done as your leadership. Here are some of the highlights from this year as well as what is […]

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