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Serendipity School’s rich and multifaceted programs promote each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development in positive ways designed to further curiosity and creativity. Students at Serendipity School learn in a variety of whole-class, small-group, and individual settings. Our low student-teacher ratios further our philosophy of differentiated instruction and enrichment. Each classroom environment creatively respects the developmental needs of each student. Programs encompass each child’s participation, interest, enthusiasm, and ideas.

At Serendipity School, all subject areas have breadth, balance, and continuity. In addition to the acquisition of essential skills, understanding, and knowledge, all subject areas prioritize the following:

  • Learning by doing– hands-on, experiential, project-based, and/or expeditionary learning
  • Integrated and interdisciplinary learning
  • Exploring the goal and process of learning
  • Problem solving and critical thinking
  • Collaborative and cooperative learning
  • Creativity and personal expression
  • Lifelong learning and social skills
  • Social responsibility and democracy

What We Do

Serendipity School provides an outstanding academic program that challenges and supports each individual child. Our enriched and balanced program supports the achievement of high academic standards and fosters true love of learning. Each student is empowered to achieve their greatest potential.