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Thank you for exploring Serendipity School and for sharing our school’s unique vision and approach, as well as our passion for making school a safe and supportive place for exciting and engaging learning experiences. We, as progressive educators, are always looking to the future. We are constantly dedicating ourselves to the task of positive growth and improvement. Most importantly, we are ever-committed to the preservation of our exceptional learning community where students flourish.

Visitors to our campus often remark upon the strength of our curricular programs, the warm and engaging community, and our beautiful campus and facilities. But it is our students who consistently stand out. They lead with joy, confidence, and compassion. They are caring, thoughtful, and kind individuals. They know and like themselves, and they love and take deep pride in their school. 

This love and pride in both self and school stems from our commitment to fostering an environment where children thrive, both as learners and as people. Our intentional approach to social and emotional learning and our belief in differentiated education and progressive pedagogy enable us to provide a balanced, enriched, and mindful program for our students. Our process promotes inspiration, innovation, dedication, and determination. Most of all, it inspires joy.

At a time when there is such focus on results and perfection, we at Serendipity School remain committed to the process, the experience, and the journey. We have found that this approach enables our students to be the very best that they can be, which, in our minds, is a perfect result.

-Meaghan A. Carr, Head of School