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One vision: Two campuses

Roughly 3 miles apart, Serendipity School serves students from 2 years old to 5th grade across two campuses: San Mateo and Belmont. Visitors to either campus immediately witness Serendipity’s value for the intricate link between learning and nature. Whether it’s balance beam logs, gardens, fairy houses, Discovery Cove, natural light, or huge accordion doors opening up to the outside, one cannot help but understand that to be a Serendipity student is to learn from and with nature. Architects call this type of design biophilia; we call it The Serendipity Experience.

San Mateo Campus (2s, 3s, and PreK) 

Privately nestled in the San Mateo hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay, Serendipity Preschool is a warm and engaging early learning environment rich in child-driven discovery, curiosity, play, and learning. The preschool has a warm, friendly, “small school” feel. The campus is home to two separate learning buildings; a Lower-School for 2 and 3-year-old students and an Upper-School for Pre-Kindergarten learners.  Classroom environments are open, inviting, and filled with manipulatives and tools that spark children’s interests. An intentionally-designed balance between prefabricated structures and natural elements, outdoor play is structured to allow children to express themselves in their varied languages: imagination, creation, art, drama, music, building, sharing, and caring. Simply, our environment speaks to children and they instantly see spaces designed for them


3172 Clearview Way, San Mateo, CA 94402
Tel 650.574.7400 | Fax 650.574.7466

Belmont Campus (grades TK-5)

Nature is the true star of our 2.6-acre Belmont campus. Classrooms are open to the outdoors, where numerous spaces for outdoor learning, exploration and play await. The tree-lined playground offers ample space for running, climbing, sand play, ball play, jumping rope, and hula hooping. Students learn in the outdoor classroom, tend the greenhouse and gardens, and enjoy fruits and vegetables from both the gardens and various fruit trees. Children build forts and treehouses in the Clearing, explore and imagine at Discovery Cove, hike the nature trails, play and read in the meadow, and relax in the shade of beautiful pines, firs, oaks, and towering redwoods. 


2820 Ponce Ave. Belmont, California 94002
Tel 650.596.9100 | Fax 650.596.9107