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Serendipity School was born from a mother and teacher’s dream for a school and her belief in what a school could and should be.

Sandy Carr imagined a school named Serendipity, where children skipped into school and felt free to be themselves, where wonder was unlocked daily, where children’s natural curiosities and love of learning were fostered, and where the school environment felt like both a family and a community. Thanks to her vision and conviction and the help of her incredibly supportive husband, Eben, Serendipity School was born, and a lifelong dream was realized.


Serendipity School was founded in 1994 by Sandy and Eben Carr, originally as a preschool. Sandy and Eben chose a quiet hilltop location overlooking the San Francisco Bay, with plenty of green space for children to explore the outdoors.  The school was built upon the core values of Individuality, Discovery, and Community. Serendipity School was dedicated to creating a warm and nurturing community with a whole-child focus, providing an enriching and balanced learning experiences for all students, using progressive learning models to spark children’s interest and enthusiasm, and celebrating each child’s unique set of passions, traits, abilities, and talents.

Due to increase demand, Serendipity School quickly grew to include a Kindergarten program and in 2002, Sandy and Eben answered parents’ calls for an elementary school. Serendipity Kindergarten and Elementary opened its Belmont doors in the fall of 2002 on a peaceful wooded campus, with Meaghan Carr, daughter of the Founders, leading the new school community as Head of School.


Today, Serendipity School is a fully-accredited model of progressive education serving children age two years to Grade 5.  Graduates from Serendipity School go on to some of the best middle schools and high schools in the area, as well as some of the best colleges in the nation. The accolades of their future schools, however, pale in comparison to who Serendipity students are as individuals. Serendipity students are extraordinary, unique, talented, compassionate, and strive to embrace their own path of self-awareness and appreciation, a commitment to helping and embracing others, and a continued journey of lifelong learning.  Serendipity students are known for being hungry learners, independent and innovative thinkers, strong leaders, generous collaborators and effective communicators, and kind and compassionate individuals.


Drawing upon their more than 60 years combined experience in private education, Sandy and Eben Carr have continued to personally operate Serendipity School and to guide its growth and progress over the decades past. Meaghan Carr represents the third generation of the Carr family to become a leader in private education and the continuation of the family’s legacy, ensuring that Serendipity School will continue to be a community where children are free to be themselves and grow and learn through discovery for generations to come.

“My dream as an educator was to create a school where learning is rooted in joyful discovery—a place where children are unconditionally loved and respected, while being provided an opportunity to grow emotionally and intellectually.”

-Sandy Carr