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Serendipity School provides a setting for unexpected and exciting learning experiences that are sparked by discovery, guided by individuality, and supported by community. Our unique programs, learning spaces, and school community ignite curiosity and feed creativity. Moreover, our talented teachers and staff demonstrate care, compassion, enthusiasm, and ingenuity that are both inspiring and infectious. We encourage you to visit Serendipity, where unexpected discoveries and joyful surprises surely await you.

When you tour Serendipity School’s Preschool program, you will experience a joyful learning environment that both nurtures and engages young children. Toddler-aged artists create whimsical renderings of the Mona Lisa. Three-year-olds stretch their minds and their muscles in an imaginative obstacle course. Pre-Kindergarteners gather in the garden to watch a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.

Tour Serendipity Elementary School to explore our one-of-a-kind learning community. Here First Grade engineers use the Maker Space to design and build structures that can withstand the forces of wind. Third Grade entrepreneurs develop products, launch ad campaigns, and sell their wares in support of local fire victims. A fearless Fifth Grader performs a fictional narrative as Clara Barton. And Fourth Grade mathematicians challenge one another to come up with alternate approaches to tackling a complex equation.

While every day is different at Serendipity, you are sure to discover something unexpected during your visit; we hope you will be pleasantly surprised. Thank you for exploring our school. We look forward to assisting you as you discover your family’s educational options.


the gift of discovering valuable or pleasant things that are not anticipated


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Great teachers inspire great learners. Our teachers are creative and innovative educators who are experts at educating the whole child.

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