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Serendipity School is a unique school, where students are constantly discovering and experiencing the types of exciting and surprising learning that results from inquiry, experimentation, and collaboration.

Serendipity Elementary Admissions Process

Thank you for exploring Serendipity Elementary School

We are delighted that your school search has brought you to us, and look forward to beginning the admissions process with your family. We know that applying to schools can be a confusing and intimidating experience, and we’re here to help. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time throughout the admissions process.

Serendipity Elementary School is proud to partner with Ravenna Solutions in order to provide a more convenient and streamlined admissions process for families. All steps of the admissions process, from tours and community events to application forms and payments are available in one place. Please click the link below to visit Ravenna Solutions, register your child, and begin exploring Serendipity School.

We wish you the very best in your school search and are excited to get to know your child and your family.

Begin the Admissions Process   



The first step of the admissions process is application. All of the following must be submitted by the due date for a child’s application to be considered by Serendipity School’s Admissions Department:

  1. Completed Application
  2. Application Fee of $200


  1. Current Teacher Evaluation Form (K and 1st through 5th Grades)
  2. Transcript Release and Confidentiality Form (1st through 5th Grades)
  3. Schedule a Parent Meeting through Ravenna (K and 1st through 5th Grades)

We believe in building strong relationships; therefore, it is important to us that we really get to know your child and your family. Parents of all prospective students will have the opportunity to meet with members of our enrollment management team after submitting an application. This informal Q&A session is a benefit to both the family and our school.

Records and recommendations are also required from each child’s current school. Your child’s current teacher has had the pleasure of developing a long-term relationship with your child. While we do meet and assess every Serendipity School applicant, information from your child’s current teacher is invaluable to us. Please send your child’s teacher an online invitation to complete the Teacher Evaluation Form through Ravenna.

Parents of First through Fifth Grade applicants, in addition to securing a Current Teacher Evaluation Form from your child’s current teacher, please provide the Transcript Release and Confidentiality Form to your child’s school office or student records department. We prefer that schools upload transcripts to Ravenna, but will also accept hard copies.


Assessment is a crucial step in our admissions process. Every applicant must participate in an in-person or virtual meeting, activity session, and assessment. These assessment meetings afford us the opportunity to get to know children in a relaxed, nurturing, fun, yet structured environment. Please follow the assessment steps below

All applicants are required to make an appointment to meet/assess virtually or in-person at our school. We will carefully observe each child’s personal and academic skills. Individual assessments help us to determine each student’s areas of strength and challenge, as well as what our school can offer that child and what that child will contribute to the Serendipity School community. The goal is to preserve an engaged, happy, and thriving community of students who support each other and love to learn.

Each session lasts approximately one hour and consists of the following:

  • Ice Breaker and Getting-to-Know-You Activity
  • Hands-On Activity
  • Academic Assessment
  • Closing and Question Time

Step 4: 

DECISION LETTERS—postal mailed and emailed

Serendipity School will notify parents of the status of their child’s application by postal mail and email. Families of accepted students will be invited to formally enroll at Serendipity School; one week will be granted to these families for decision-making and invitation acceptance.

Step 5: 


In order to process enrollment, Serendipity School requires the following:

  1. Enrollment Agreement
  2. Tuition Down Payment
  3. Educational Materials Fees

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