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Social Emotional Learning is some of the most critical education that happens at Serendipity School. In addition to improving academic outcomes and positive school climate, SEL helps children to proudly embrace personal identity, guides them to foster positive interactions with others, and helps them to discover and embrace their personal power and responsibility. It has the greatest impact on the person the child will become.  

Serendipity School is committed to providing effective SEL curriculum that is integrated throughout the educational experience. The process is designed to be meaningful and memorable, and to provide children with both tools for success and frequent opportunities to use these tools. Serendipity’s approach to SEL is asset-based and centers equity. 

Life Skills Program

Serendipity School’s Life Skills Program teaches character education and promotes character-building skills that the children will be able to take with them and use throughout life. Life Skills nurtures the whole child socially and emotionally, and helps the students to adopt qualities that will enable them to become better human beings. The activities and discussions will help to build a sense of community in the classroom and in school, and they will reinforce the importance of positive values for school and everyday life.

Our Life Skills Program is extremely important and is a key ingredient of the development of the whole child. This Program provides our students with important tools that they will use now and in the future.

Toolkit Project

Serendipity School utilizes Toolbox Project’s Essential Toolbox program and resources to support Social and Emotional Learning. Toolbox is an evidence-based K-6 SEL program that helps to support student achievement and promote a positive school climate. Toolbox provides common language to build resilience, self-master, and empathy for self and others. All community members are to be provided with resources and training how to use the tools at school, at home, and in the community.