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Serendipity Preschool is a nurturing and engaging early learning environment that celebrates both the child and the magic of childhood.

The preschool has a warm, friendly, “small school” feel. The campus is home to two separate learning buildings; a Lower-School for 2 and 3-year-old students and an Upper-School for Pre-Kindergarten learners.  Classroom environments are open, inviting, and filled with toys and tools that spark children’s interests.

Serendipity’s year-round, full day curriculum lovingly promotes the natural development of children. Our enriched programs, coupled with low child-teacher ratios and small class sizes allow our children to experience a child-centered, hands-on learning environment. Our curriculum promotes active learning, and provides enhanced and multi-sensory experiences in Language Arts, Math, Science, Spanish, Practical Life, Art, Music, and Motor Development. Our Preschool Program also includes well-planned field trips and on-site special events and demonstrations that extend classroom learning and help students to make real-world connections.

Our teachers prepare and share engaging lesson plans with monthly themes, allowing parents to follow along and be a part of the daily educational activities of their children. Daily schedules and curriculum calendars are carefully planned, yet flexible. Our experienced and caring teachers follow cues provided by the children for directed learning which may alter the planned course. This creates an organic learning process that encourages discovery, inquiry, and creativity in the classroom.

All aspects of the Preschool Program take place in a relaxed, nurturing atmosphere. The wonders of learning are conducted in a positive, caring manner in which self-esteem takes precedence. We guide and support our children as they learn to clearly communicate their wants and needs, practice independence, make their own decisions, show consideration for others, and to effectively solve problems.

Weekly Themes (3 Year Old Program)

Our three-year-old classes run on weekly themes where they also add in a letter of the week and math-related activities. 

Get Set For School Program (Pre-Kindergarten)

This program is based on the Kindergarten Common Core standards.  We give the children an introduction to what they will learn in Kindergarten, but we are not expecting them to master the topics/skills. 

Sample Daily Schedules

Click on the drop down menu options below to see a sample daily schedule for our classes. 

Parent Participation

We believe that parents represent an essential part of a child’s educational process; therefore, we encourage you to participate at home and school in the positive care and education of your child.  At school, we welcome parents and other family members to participate by sharing their talents, discussing cultural events, reading a story to the class, or assisting our teaching staff in the classrooms.  Parents are encouraged to attend field trips and other school activities or events.