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for our youngest learnings, all learning is social-emotional learning. 

Serendipity preschool believes in a whole-child approach to education and care. The early years are an ideal time to begin incorporating social emotional learning (SEL), thereby creating a foundation to set children on a path to personal success and well-being. SEL practices are proven to help students navigate their emotions, form relationships and make responsible decisions. Children will develop important skills such as empathy, cooperation, and communication, which are essential for self-advocacy and forming healthy relationships with others. Our approach to SEL develops happy and confident children.

Age 2

  • Begins communication and language skills, such as blowing kisses and nodding yes
  • Initiates play with other children
  • Beginning of self-regulation, such as calming down shortly after drop-off 

Age 3

  • Expands communication and language skills, such as reciprocal exchanges 
  • Develops play skills including imaginative and pretend play
  • Comforts others in distress

Age 4

  • Proficient with age-appropriate communication and language skills
  • Further develops confidence with individual and group play
  • Gains empathy, compassion and deep awareness of self and others

Toolkit Project

The Serendipity Elementary School utilizes Toolbox Project’s Essential Toolbox program and resources to support Social and Emotional Learning. Toolbox is an evidence-based K-6 SEL program that helps to support student achievement and promote a positive school climate. Toolbox provides common language to build resilience, self-master, and empathy for self and others. All community members are to be provided with resources and training how to use the tools at school, at home, and in the community. 

In our Pre-Kindergarten classes, we implement the Toolbox Project's Essential Toolbox program and resources to assist in the transition from preschool to elementary.