Serendipity School’s dynamic Recreation Program provides children with a
balanced program of enrichment, adventure, friendship, and fun in a safe and
nurturing environment. The program includes After School Activities, Enrichment
Workshops, and Homework Help, as well as numerous Camp Programs and our
Basketball Program.

We enjoy providing services for our friends and neighbors, whenever possible; as
such, many of our camp programs are open to our extended community.


Regular After School Program
Our Afterschool Programs are available to all currently enrolled students, and
provides structured activities, quality care, and a quiet and supportive environment
for homework and study.  The After School Program offers both free and structured
play, games, activities, and sports. Children are grouped by age and interest.

Homework Club
Our Homework Club is a place where students can ask questions, gain support, and
work peacefully without distraction.  Homework Club opens every day at 3:30 p.m.
and remains available until all students are picked up or have completed their
work.  Students who choose to attend Enrichment Workshops will find that our
Homework Club is still open for them at the end of their workshop.

Workshop Program
Serendipity School’s workshop program is an interest-driven enrichment program
designed to help students delve deeper into subjects about which they are
passionate.  Most often our workshops are taught by one of our Serendipity School
teachers or staff.  The teachers and staff are encouraged to share an interest or area
of expertise with the students. With a vast array of offerings that often change with
the seasons, this program ensures that every student will find a program of interest.
Our Enrichment Worships are extremely popular, with over 80% of students
enrolling in at least one workshop, and we always welcome suggestions for
additions to our workshop programs.

Recent Workshop offerings include the following: Video Game Design, Archery,
Skateboarding, Book Publishing, Wooden Go-Kart Club, Gardening, Cooking,
Robotics, Puppeteering, Marble Maze Engineering, Boxing, Ocean Art, Lego Robotics
and Lego City Architects, Running Club, RC Car Engineering, Drama Club, Amazing
Animals, Guitar, STEM Club, Dance, Aviation, Photography, Fine Art, and Basketball.


Summer Camp
Our popular Summer Camp program is designed to provide children with the
magical feeling of a summer filled with fun, exploration, and friendship. Serendipity
welcomes any child entering Kindergarten through Sixth Grade at any school to join
our Summer Camp program.
The program consists of two key components: Group Time and Focused Activities.

Group Time
During Group Time, children participate in program activities such as fort building,
water play, games in the indoor and outdoor arcade, nature hikes, and traditional
and non-traditional games and sports, grouped with children of their own age. This
time is meant to give children a dynamic and varied experience at camp, while
promoting bonding and friendship.

Focused Activities
The second component is Focused Activity time. Focused Activities are related to
each session theme and are instruction based.  Children are allowed to pick their
own Focused Activity daily.  Groups for Focused Activities vary in age, and change
from day to day. Focused activities include pastimes such as Basketball, Volleyball,
Soccer, Robotics, Coding, Music Recording, Building, Archery, Gardening,
Photography, Cooking, Tinkering, “Surfing,” Golf, and Arts and Crafts.

Specialty Camps
Serendipity Summer Program also offers Specialty Workshops, in addition to the
regular programing. Campers can enroll in week long Specialty Camps such as
Dance or Painting. These programs allow children to delve deeply into an area of
interest, and generally culminate with a performance or presentation of their work.

Week and Day Camps
Serendipity strives to provide care whenever our families are in need.  In an attempt
to support our community we often run camps for days when our school is closed.
Our Camp Programs are a scaled down version of our Summer Program.  Program
activities include: archery, arts & crafts, traditional sports, fort building, arcade time and much more.  Our camps are open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Here is a list of the holidays on which we usually run our camp program: Indigenous
People’s Day, Veterans’ Day, Winter Break, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Ski Weekend,
and Spring Break.


Serendipity School’s Basketball program focuses on building skills, appreciation,
and understanding of the game, and emphasizes personal growth, teamwork,
sportsmanship, and fun. Children engage in skills labs, practices, and games with
players from other schools and programs within the league.

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