School Face Mask Given To ALL

Serendipity School Face Masks given to ALL Students and Faculty

In October 2020,
“FREE Serendipity School custom face masks for ALL students, teachers, and staff!!!❤️ In gratitude for everyone’s cooperation and dedication to children education during this pandemic, Serendipity School will provide a complimentary custom face mask to all students, teachers, staff, and administrators. 😷Face masks are a mandatory dress code requirement for in-person learning and maintaining a safe environment. This high quality adjustable face mask can be supplemented with an additional inserted filter to provide 3 layer protection. We hope this mask not only symbolizes our unwavering dedication for education and safety to our Serendipity community, but also boosts spirits and camaraderie for an optimistic future. Thank you to our wonderful models which our preschooler, kindergartener, and 5th grader are sporting the youth size. And our preschool administrators and elementary specialist are modeling the adult size. 👏 Special thanks to Mr Taylor and Ms Janet for designing and producing our incredible Serendipity School face masks 👏
Additional youth or adult size Serendipity School face masks can be purchased for $10 while supplies last. Please email”
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