Growing, yet Staying Small: Serendipity Elementary School Expansion

What would our elementary school do with more space?

That’s simple—create even more creative, imaginative, and inspiring spaces where children can wonder, explore, discover, and celebrate the joys of childhood.

Serendipity Elementary School is a small school, by design. Being a small school means that every child is seen and celebrated, that a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere for learning and growing is maintained, and that community remains at the forefront of everything we do. We are also a school that believes in innovation and creativity. We have become very skilled over the years, at carving out within our little school special spaces for enrichment learning such as art, music, physical education, language and literacy, performance, and technology. We have been happy to do so, as these types of learning are vital to the Serendipity School experience, but we have always dreamed of having a bit more space to explore. We are therefor pleased to announce that our long-awaited school renovation and expansion project is well under way!

The Serendipity School Expansion project is being implemented using a two tiered approach. The tiered approach allows for additions and improvements to our campus to take place without compromising our core program. Phase 1 kicked off during the summer of 2019 with the renovation of our existing classrooms. These spaces received infrastructural and aesthetic improvements, presenting beautiful and modern atmospheres for learning and creating. The fall of 2019 welcomed the start of construction on the north end of our campus.This  area now includes a new parking lot, as well as the addition of new outdoor play and learning spaces.  Geared towards creativity, imagination, movement, and plain old fun; these spaces include sensory and nature exploration, reading nooks, gardens, an amphitheater for performance and dramatic play, a playscape amidst the trees, and plentiful areas for movement and exploration. Phase 1 is now complete, and we are excited for our children to discover it.

Phase 2 of the project has now begun, and is slated for completion during the fall of 2021. This phase includes the addition of our new Arts and Enrichment building: an environmentally-sustainable, high-end modular building, constructed by Gen7 of Ames Manufacturing.  Just under 5,000 square feet and made to our custom specifications, the building will contain a large multipurpose room, a technology/innovation lab, an art studio, a spacious library, a new campus kitchen, as well as an office, separate bathrooms for children and adults, and additional storage spaces. It will also include improvements to the entry to the school grounds, administrative offices and lobby, the existing playground, and the site-water drainage systems. The final component of this phase will include a final stage of landscape architecture including edible gardens, a greenhouse, an outdoor pavilion, and a nature deck extending over an outdoor classroom.

Serendipity Elementary School was designed to be a small close-knit learning community of 140 students. An important note is that the campus enhancements will not result in expansion of our student body–a deliberate decision made in order to maintain the warm and personal atmosphere in which everyone is known and appreciated for who they are, an atmosphere that is uniquely Serendipity. To that end, class sizes will remain small, and low student-teacher ratios will be maintained. Imagine then, if you will, what these additional features and spaces will mean to our faculty and staff, and especially to our children!

We are delighted to continue our journey to provide our Serendipity students with the very best in education and care.


  • sarah Posted April 3, 2018 11:38 pm

    Woo hoo!! We can’t wait for this beautiful new space!

  • Tom Costello Posted July 9, 2018 9:57 pm

    Awesome!!!!! Congrats from the Costello-Lime family!

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