Our newest addition creates even more creative, imaginative, and inspiring spaces where children can wonder, explore, discover, and celebrate the joys of childhood.



Serendipity Elementary School is a small school, by design. Being a small school means that every child is seen and celebrated, that a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere for learning and growing is maintained, and that community remains at the forefront of everything we do. We are also a school that believes in innovation and creativity. We have become very skilled over the years, at carving out within our little school special spaces for enrichment learning such as art, music, physical education, language and literacy, performance, and technology. We have been happy to do so, as these types of learning are vital to the Serendipity School experience, but we have always dreamed of having a bit more space to explore. We are therefore pleased to announce that our long-awaited school renovation and expansion project is now complete, and our Arts and Enrichment Center is OPEN!

Our new Arts and Enrichment center is a culmination of dreams in an innovative building where students are inspired to discover, explore, and create. We wanted the building’s character to reflect the mission and vision of our school and what’s uniquely Serendipity: a belief in innovation and creativity, a commitment to our environment and community, and a dedication to indoor and outdoor enrichment learning.

Meaghan Carr, Head of School

Serendipity School’s new Arts and Enrichment Center supports healthy, indoor-outdoor learning in a warm, nurturing environment that encourages creativity. The fully custom GEN7 building opened to students this month, adding 4,800 SF of flexible learning and activity space, including an innovation/tech lab, art studio, library, staff lounge and restrooms. The centerpiece of the solar-powered design is a large multipurpose room with storefront windows and 14’ ceilings that give the one-story building a two-story feel. Sustainable features include roof-mounted PV panels and Solatubes, as well as operable clerestory windows and sliding glass NanaWalls that bring in daylight, fresh air and outdoor views. The building exterior reflects the natural setting with sky blue and sunny yellow accents and weathered-wood tilework.

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Serendipity School


Serendipity Elementary School was designed to be a small close-knit learning community of 135 students. An important note is that the campus enhancements will not result in expansion of our student body–a deliberate decision made in order to maintain the warm and personal atmosphere in which everyone is known and appreciated for who they are, an atmosphere that is uniquely Serendipity. Imagine then, if you will, what these additional features and spaces will mean to our faculty and staff, and especially to our children!

We are delighted to continue our journey to provide our Serendipity students with the very best in education and care.

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