Creating A Safe Space for Learning and Growing

Serendipity Preschool’s Health and Safety Policies and Campus Enhancements

Serendipity School has made tremendous campus and policy enhancements to ensure the health and safety of her students, teachers, faculty, and families. Serendipity’s San Mateo Preschool campus has been safely open to children since June 1st, 2020. Through the School Waiver process, Serendipity’s Belmont Elementary campus successfully re-opened for in-person learning on September 14th, 2020. The entire Serendipity team has worked with care, devotion, and passion to allow our children to safely grown, learn, play, and discover together during these difficult times.

Here is a glimpse of our preschool morning drop-off and campus enhancements. Please contact our Preschool Director to learn more and become a part of our amazing community.




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