Serendipity’s Bring Your Parents to P.E. Goes National

Bring Your Parents to PE: A Nationwide Movement for Movement

Mr. Will presented us with a fabulous idea back in 2005: our school should create a fun opportunity for parents to engage in Physical Education alongside their children. Bring Your Parents to P.E. Week was born, and we have loved this outlet for community engagement and learning-by-doing ever since. Over the years we have seen firsthand how special it is when students and parents play and learn together. The event has become one of the major highlights of our school year.


Not long after the first event, Mr. Will shared Bring Your Parents to PE with another local professional, Terri Drain. Terri would go on to host her own Bring Your Parents to P.E. events at Vintage Hills Elementary in Pleasanton. Over the next few years, other teachers became interested in how to run a Bring Your Parents to P.E. Event, which prompted Mr. Will to set off on the lecture circuit.

Mr. Will has now shared Bring Your Parents to P.E. in six states and online. Mr. Will and Bring Your Parents to P.E. was featured on Online exposure has helped to share this fun and inspiring event with a nationwide audience of P.E. educators. But it didn’t end there! Active Schools, an organization dedicated to increasing physical education in our nation’s schools, officially endorsed a national Bring Your Parents to PE week in 2017. The result: in 2017 and 2018, Serendipity was joined by hundreds of other schools nationwide for Bring Your Parents to P.E. events. Many of these schools share their events online using the hashtag #ParentsLovePE.

Serendipity is proud that our small community event has snowballed into a nationwide movement. We thank Mr. Will for bringing his enthusiasm and ingenuity to our school, and look forward to many more years of Bring Your Parents to PE weeks.


Mr. Will’s Website:

Teri Drain’s Website:

The Physical Educator:

Active Schools:

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  • Ali Posted October 13, 2018 6:17 pm

    Wow! This is sooooo cool! Keep up the great work Mr Will!!!

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