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Serendipity School is a private, progressive elementary school where students are encouraged to be themselves at their most exceptional, challenge themselves to question and discover, and give of themselves at their school and in their world. Serendipity students feel free to share their unique interests, ideas, and talents; feel confident in experimenting, taking risks, and trying new things; and always strive to give their all and do their best.

We at Serendipity School are committed to the process and journey of learning. We are passionate about fun and exciting hands-on learning, creative thinking and inquiry, differentiated instruction, teaching and nurturing the whole child, and working collaboratively.

Our talented teachers and faculty members model self-confidence and creativity, lifelong learning, and positive citizenship for students every day, and create engaging and meaningful learning experiences as they bring their own skills, talents, and ingenuity to the classroom. If you are a passionate educator who is driven to encourage, engage, and empower students in this way, please see our employment opportunities listed below:


Classroom Teachers:

Serendipity School is always interested in meeting talented and inspiring elementary educators, and encourages qualified classroom teachers to submit their CVs for consideration.

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Classroom Teachers:

Experienced, caring, and creative early childhood educators are encouraged to apply for consideration.

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Annie, Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

I love teaching at Serendipity. The first time I witnessed a school assembly where the students sang their school song together, I teared up. It was as if there should have been magic fairy dust in the air!  

I love that I can teach on a campus where it’s easy to take my class outdoors and experience nature. I also love the sense of community and the importance placed on being a kind human being. The school places equal importance on academic and social emotional learning, and that reassures me that I’m teaching a well rounded curriculum.  I feel confidant that my students will some day go out into the world and do good!

Sonia, Math and Science Teacher for Fourth and Fifth Grades

At Serendipity you can be as creative as you want! There is endless opportunity to pursue and explore novel ideas, innovative education, and the essential fun of childhood.” 

Will, Physical Education Specialist

“I truly appreciate the small class sizes, the support from administration, and the opportunity to be challenged as a creative educator.”


Serendipity School celebrates the uniqueness of each individual. We create a culture of respect in which children safely explore identity and discover self. We cultivate an atmosphere of inclusion and responsibility for one another and our communities.

Serendipity School nurtures a diverse community of students, faculty, and parents created irrespective of race, color, religion, national origin, ethnic and cultural identity, sex, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, and familial identity.

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