Serendipity: n. the gift of discovering valuable or pleasant things that are not anticipated

Serendipity School

A setting for unexpected and exciting learning experiences that are sparked by discovery, guided by individuality, and supported by community.

Serendipity School is a special place: an inclusive, compassionate, and inspiring school where academic and personal discovery is prized. An exceptional early childhood and elementary school program dedicated to active and hands-on learning, differentiated instruction, and teaching to the whole child, Serendipity School is committed to the process and journey of learning.

At Serendipity, students of all ages (from the tiniest 2-year- old to the most confident Fifth Grader) are encouraged to share their unique interests and talents, experiment and take risks, and strive for academic and personal excellence, supported by our dynamic faculty and nurturing community. We see and celebrate students for who they are and help to guide them in the development of the incredible people that they will become. Serendipity School’s core values of Individuality, Discovery, and Community inform every part of the learning process. The Serendipity School student believes, “I matter, I can, and I care,” because the community of caring educators that surrounds them has devoted itself to encouraging students to being themselves at their most exceptional, to challenging themselves to question and discover, and to giving of themselves at their school and in their world.

The result is a community of confident and caring students who grow to be lifelong, happy, and empowered learners. What’s more, these students develop into strong leaders, collaborators, and problem solvers with a passion for making a difference.

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