Transitional Kindergarten

Four is a fantastic age: a time to wonder and ask, a time to test and try, a time to grow in every way possible! We are proud to announce that Serendipity Elementary School’s Transitional Kindergarten program, designed for late 4s and young 5s, is preparing to enter its second year. 

Serendipity’s TK program is geared toward children who may be ineligible for most Kindergarten programs due to age (generally, turning 5 between September 1st and December 31st) but for whom a preschool or pre-Kindergarten program would not offer an appropriate level of interest, engagement, and advancement. The program is also well suited to children who could benefit from the gift of more time (generally, turning 5 in late July or August) prior to starting Kindergarten. TK at Serendipity School offers a fun and engaging hands-on program that beautifully balances academics and play and equally supports intellectual and social-emotional growth and development. Serendipity TK students enjoy curricular continuity, gain a head start on literacy and math skill development, and receive more time to develop gross/fine motor, executive function, and social emotional skills—ensuring greater success in Kindergarten and beyond.

Transitional Kindergarten Curriculum

Language Arts and Mathematics:

Learning without Tears Get Set for School (Handwriting, Reading and Writing, Letters and Numbers, Language and Literacy/Phonics, Numbers and Math)

The Math Learning Center Bridges (supplies and manipulative)

Reading: Early readers, decodable readers, leveled readers, independent readers, literature selections, trade books, informal reading inventories for assessment

Learning Centers:
Reading and Writing
Science and Discovery
History and Social Science
Construction, Art, Dramatic Play

Co-Curricular Learning:
World Language
Physical Education
Library and Literacy

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